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With continuous and strong commitment to Health and Safety Management, ADventure Offshore has introduced a set of rules that consolidate our existing safety standards and are dedicated to preventing harm to people: the 12 Safety/ Golden Rules.

Inspired from best practices in industry and that of our clients, this set of 12 simple but essential Golden rules raises our own risk awareness and that of our colleagues.

3 Objectives of the 12 Safety/Golden Rules.

-   Develop personal safety awareness.

-   Prevent unsafe acts or situations.

-   Comply with rules and procedures.

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golden rules
safety handbook

Adventure Offshore Ltd is committed to provide Quality services which consistently & continuously meets the requirements of its customers.


To effectively implement our Quality Policy and meets the objectives, Adventure Offshore Ltd:


  1. Offers crewing services based on the principles of MLC, STCW, SOLAS, Flag State, State legislation and Customer requirements.

  2. Is committed to comply with the Quality Management System as per requirements of ISO 9001 and ILO MLC.

  3. No Fee is borne directly or indirectly by the Seafarers for their Recruitment / Employment.

  4. Recruitment is carried out without any discrimination or bias due to race, colour, sex, religion, or social origin.

  5. Protects the Seafarers’ right of Privacy, their Personal data maintained in the office is kept strictly confidential so much as necessary for employment and respond to officials.

  6. Conducts its service to reach the quality objectives established and reviewed on annual basis.

  7. Customer's satisfaction, continual improvement the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and the good name of the crew manning office are the philosophy of each employee.

  8. Keeps a documented system in compliance with ISO 9001 standard.

  9. Takes appropriate corrective and risk mitigation actions for every deficiency identified.


All Company employees, involved in the implementation of the Company’s QMS, are responsible for the sufficient conformance with Company's Quality Policy.

Company's Top Management is responsible to monitor and review this Policy on a regular basis in order to ensure that it remains relevant and effective. As evidence of Management’s commitment on the implementation of the above that policy is to be posted at prominent positions at Company’s premises.

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