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Adventure offshore requires the following virtues from its Crew members, Captain, and Crew alike.

Punctuality: All seafarers are required to be punctual in every aspect of their life on board ships; vis-a-vis shore-leave or , reporting for watch-keeping duty and all other work. Absence at the time of sailing may seriously delay the ship or even prevent sailing, resulting in loss of both time and money.

Duties: Every seafarer should carry out their duties efficiently to the best of their ability. Seafarers have the right to be told clearly what their duties are and how they are responsible for carrying them out; if in doubt, they should ask.

Treatment of Ship’s property and accommodation area: The ship is both a seafarer’s place of work and abode. Therefore, both personal and shared facilities and accommodation should be used appropriately with consideration for others and always be kept clean and safe.

Behaviour and attitude towards others: Owing to the multicultural nature of the shipboard work, a person’s behavior can be nuisance to others on board. In extreme circumstances, it can also place the ship and the crew at risk of danger. Behaviour such as noise, abusive language including racism, sexual harassment, bullying, aggressive attitudes are prohibited.

Compliance with company rules and procedures: Any person on board a ship must abide by the applicable company rules and procedures.

Others: Strive to create an environment of recognition, appreciation and support of human values in the workplace and always seek the best practice of professionalism to a highest standard of discipline and competence.

Unlawful Activities. Apart from the above-mentioned practices, any other unlawful activities and misconducts should be avoided. Any Crew found guilty may face sanctions per company internal procedures. 

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